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Network Design and Planning

NetDefender believes the key factor in implementing a successful network is having a strong technical design and plans that support efficient and secure network operations. We can integrate IT systems ranging from desktop and laptop computers to network fileservers, routers, bridges, and gateways, to telephony and video conferencing solutions

We work with you to provide a detailed plan that includes:

  • A summary of all main network functions and key features
  • Diagrams outlining the network infrastructure, including all major network components
  • A multi-vendor integration plan
  • A description of all necessary networking software
  • Workstation, server, and operating system configuration specifications
  • Cabling diagrams based on requirements
  • Security plan
  • Backup and recovery plans
  • A component shopping list
  • Quality control processes

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Network Installation
Network Redesign
Network Security
Network and Voice Cabling